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Sunday, 05 May 2013 10:18

Bonessi: The Exclusive Interview

MyFashionbook conducted an exclusive interview with representatives from the Bonessi team especially for you.
You can satisfy your curiosity by reading on. Voila!
How did it all start?
The brand comes from the London based fashion house Bonessi, founded by Alix Bonessi. At Bonessi we have a real passion for shoes. Elegance, quality and comfort are words we truly relate to. The idea of providing women with stylish yet comfortable, quality footwear led us to launching the new collection, Bonessi Ballerinas. The shoes look and feel so special, you will want to wear them everywhere!
Who is the designer of the Bonessi shoes?
We have a talented group of designers based in London who work closely with Alix Bonessi. Some of our designs are inspired by latest trends on the catwalk whilst others are trend setting designs unique to Bonessi.
Where do you draw inspiration from?
We are inspired by anything that represents luxury and aim to incorporate the idea in some shape or form in our ballerinas– be it the feel of soft leather on the skin or a crystal chandelier on the ceiling of a romantic hotel one of us happens to be dining in. We look up to a number of luxury designers who have truly established themselves as unique and timeless in the fashion industry – these include names such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.
Why did you choose to design such kind of shoes?
We want to provide women with a choice of shoes which look elegant and sophisticated and at the same time feel comfortable to wear through day and night. Women often wear high heels to feel like they look the part, whilst this usually causes them pain and discomfort. With our designs, we believe that women are able to look chic and classy whilst feeling comfortable and great.
What is so special about Bonessi Ballerina shoes?
Bonessi Ballerinas stand out in three areas: quality, style and comfort - Quality due to the high quality leather used to manufacture all of our shoes; Style due to our trend setting designs and colour combinations; Comfort due to our emphasis on the shape of our last and extra cushioned inner sole. We are unmatched in these areas, our shoes speak for themselves. Added to all of this is the trademark Bonessi logo which we have incorporated in many of our designs to give the shoes an extra classy factor.
What is your target market?
Bonessi Ballerinas are aimed at any woman who is passionate about shoes and loves luxury.
Do you think your shoes will set new standards for style and comfort?
Yes! They are already starting to!
Where can I buy Bonessi Ballerinas and what is going to be the approximate price?
Bonessi Ballerinas will be available online through our website and through various stockists across Europe. More details will be released soon. The price range is between ?100-200 (or equivalent local currency) depending on the chosen style.

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