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Tuesday, 25 November 2014 09:05


Everything began so unexpectedly,with this project. The making of a fashion photo shoot in the baths.
I remember how everything began, it is so clear, as if now with you I am starting again from the beginning. Every story has it's beginning and ours started one very, very late night.
While most young people waste their precious time, we think and think and just want to succeed. I know, you will tell yourself that you have heard that many times before, but in this case you are not right. Why aren't you right, you ask?
Because I live for photography, I get up and go to sleep with photography, for all I know you can call her my soul mate in life. She and love make me do my work with diversity, pleasure and concept.
I got home tired from work and my girlfriend met me at the door with open arms waiting for me to lean in them and a smile on her face. After a short talk with her the subject of photography came up and that is when the idea to shoot surreal fashion in Bulgaria formed. Something new for us.
I had the concept for the fashion shoot, what I want it to look like, something different to be shown, unknown, over the top, breaking all borders...something surreal. Surreal was the word that put everything that I wanted together.
The places were fogy, but gradually it slowly lifted and showed us forgotten from the world architectural sights.
After a lot of comments and conflicts of interest between our team , the impossible became „possible“. Where the road of reality, magic and dreams intertwine.
The easy part ends here, now came the hard part. There was a moment where we asked ourselves, how will we cope? Will we manage to make everything legal?
That is when I remember a very wise utterance from an old teacher, which plays a key role in the whole project.
„One is big as his dreams are.“ Eli Stalyanova.
The moral of this is, when someone tells you „you are crazy“, „this is impossible“ for us to make exactly the opposite. To accomplish our dreams that are hidden deep within us and are waiting for a spark to light them up.
And than the footwork to institutions and meetings began....
It turned out that Bulgaria still has good people, who believe in us, the young people. They believe in art. I want to express my admirations to those people, not only me but also my team, to saying that this is a beautiful things it is worth it. Thanks to those people, this project now stands before you.
I deeply admire those who said that this won't be possible. You will ask yourself, why do I admire them?
Because people like that have given the chances to “professionals” and we all know “how professional things are here”.
The distribution of work started from stylization, makeup, finding models and shooting. It wasn't easy I will tell you that.
We found the right people, makeup and stylization. The shooting of the frames was aligned in my head already, I knew how to proceed. Everything happened within two days.
The first day we recreated the beautiful side, we photographed a glamorous girl, in a beautiful and delicate way, in the amids of the ruins.
It was the exact opposite the second day. We recreated the bad and chaotic side (bad in the good way of the word of course). Another beautiful scene was shot, which posed on the runs and decor.
A scene with a mask and a cold type of emotions were also shot. A mask you ask?
Our society is so suffocated that even the bottle of oxygen screams radioactive. There we paraphrased our thoughts in the photos, like as in the beautiful side and suddenly everything ended.
I stood before the doors, key in hand. Behind me stood my already exhausted team, but still bursting with energy for the new that is to come.
I thought how this could be the last time we would be standing here. Closing my eyes I relived every moment from these two days. I locked the door.
We were pleased and at the end, at the very last photos in the bath, last minutes and seconds inside, we told ourselves that we hoped to have the honour to enter it again. To once again make a photo shoot and for it to look the same way, like we have watched it in the movies. For all I know you could call it the spirit of the building/bath. The frames were done with a lot of desire, love and teamwork.
I am Asen Andreev. My home town is Sofia where I live and create. I study Photography at NBU (New Bulgarian University).
For years on end I have participated in concerts organized by the Municipality of Sofia, Moto - fairs, the Mummers in Pernik and so on. I was an active participant in competitions like Green idea.
In the last couple of years I have oriented myself to portrait and fashion photography.
We hope you enjoy watching, as for this we will continue with our project so make sure to check back for more surprises from us!
Everything was part of us and our emotions for me and my team.
I want to thank the Municipality of Bankia, without them this wouldn't be possible/ this project wouldn't be accomplished. My team wants to thank:
Alek Nikolov
Mariya Nenova
Eli Pavlova
Mimi Stoilova
Christo Dimov
Marina Marinova
Borislav Aleksandrov
and many others.... As for all of you THANK YOU!
Translator & Editor : Eli Pavlova

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Добави в Svejo
Добави в Svejo
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